Data Products

Columbia Economics, L.L.C. provides unique data sets to researchers, financial professionals and others. All data are accompanied by detailed methodology papers and full documentation outlining the methods used by our economists to develop them. Please email inquiries to

Carbon Content of U.S. Industries and Products
Detailed estimates of the fossil-fuel carbon intensity of 426 U.S. industries and the more than 5,300 products they produce, ranging from electric utilities to cattle ranching. The data set consists of two easy-to-use Excel files, one for industries and one for products. All figures are developed using the Columbia Economics, L.L.C. Input-Output Model, and are based on the simulated impact of a $100/ton carbon tax on industry and product prices. (Preview the data here.) (Download methodology paper here.)


Detailed U.S. Input-Output Tables
Official 2002 industry-by-industry U.S. input-output tables, derived from Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) data. Unlike the rectangular “make” and “use” tables produced by BEA, these square input-output tables allow students and researchers to quickly and easily build Leontief economic models of the U.S. economy. Tables are formatted in easy-to-use Excel files, and are available in 134-by-134 industries, or highly detailed 426-by-426 industries. (Preview the data here.) (Download methodology paper here.)


U.S. Federal, State and Local Tax Burden Estimates
This data set contains detailed estimates of every tax paid by Americans in 2010 — federal, state and local — by detailed income groups. Formatted in an easy-to-use Excel file, this data set allows finance and accounting professionals to quickly and easily illustrate the impact of taxes to clients. Features 360 distinct household types with detailed estimates of 11 federal and 18 state-local taxes for each. (Preview the data here.) (Download methodology paper here.)

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