Now Available: Carbon Content of U.S. Products and Industries

We’ve added a new data set to our “Data Products” page — detailed estimates of the fossil-fuel carbon emitted by U.S. industries.

The data are the most comprehensive estimates we’ve done to date, covering 426 industries and the more than 5,300 products produced by them, ranging from soy beans to jet fuel refining. The data are formatted into two easy-to-use Excel files, one with the industry estimates and one for the product estimates. (See a preview of the data here.)

These data are a terrific short-cut for researchers, students and others looking to estimate the carbon impact of various products or industries without building their own input-output or CGE model to do so. All estimates are based on our Chamberlain Economics, L.L.C. Input-Output Model, which is designed to model carbon flows in the U.S. economy.

See our “Data Products” page for ordering information.

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